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Is your child struggling in school?

Is your child attending school in Swindon or the surrounding areas?  Are they experiencing anxiety, behaviour problems, bullying, problems focusing, exam nerves?  If so then you may be interested to read about how the new neuroscience-based therapy, BWRT®...

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British Brainworking Research Society

I am very proud to have become a founder member of the British BrainWorking Research Society (BBRS).  The Society is committed to further research into the neuroscience-based therapies for the speedy and effective resolution of psychological and emotional distress. ...

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Are you suffering from symptoms of Trauma?

Have you ever experienced a traumatic event? Symptoms of trauma are incredibly varied, and very common! These are outlined in an article I wrote for the Hypnotherapy Directory on understanding Trauma:  Do you have any of these symptoms? My hope is that the article...

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Exciting News!

Swindon Feelgood Solutions Therapy is very excited to announce our move from Regus House, SN5 6QR, to a purpose built therapy room! Our brand new therapy room is in a quiet residential area in Upper Stratton, Swindon.  Investing in building our new practice means we...

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Do you embrace or resist change?

How often do you make changes in your life?  Do you embrace or resist change?  And if you were experiencing anxiety, depression or some other condition that was making you unhappy, how easy would you find it to try new ways of overcoming your situation? This article...

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Need motivation: Read now!

  Setting the Scene! It’s Sunday night.  You’ve had a bit of a mad weekend; overindulged in more ways than you wish to think about!  You’re feeling tired, lethargic, not looking forward to work and just slightly annoyed with yourself for getting to this stage -...

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Important: New Stop Smoking Therapy in Swindon

This one session Stop-Smoking therapy does not use hypnosis, medication or any form of nicotine replacement and is available in Swindon now! As an ex-smoker myself, I was amazed with how easily I stopped with hypnotherapy and now regularly help clients to stop smoking...

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Help: my loved one has depression!

Do you know someone with Depression? Are you struggling to know how to support them?  This article provides practical information to help you to cope. What do I do? Depression is a serious and very common problem with one in five people in the UK experiencing...

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