Is your child attending school in Swindon or the surrounding areas?  Are they experiencing anxiety, behaviour problems, bullying, problems focusing, exam nerves?  If so then you may be interested to read about how the new neuroscience-based therapy, BWRT® has helped other local children overcome such issues.

An increase in school related issues is seen in recent years!

The number of children and young people seen not only in my consulting room for school related issues, but also in consulting rooms across the country, has increased in recent years.  Issues range from having gained a reputation of class clown and not knowing how to move on from this, to experiencing anxiety so severe that the individual stops attending school.

Why is it often difficult to stop such behaviour?

More often than not, when I see these young people they want a change to happen but don’t know how or where to start.  Sometimes this is because they don’t know what they would prefer to be like.  Sometimes they do but are either to scared to make that change or there is some kind of benefit gained from the behaviour (this isn’t always obvious).  In these instances it often helps to explore what purpose the behaviour is serving.

There are times when other’s expectations play a role in maintaining the behaviour, and this is not to take away from the youngster needing to make changes!  For example, one young person* I recently worked with had developed an identity of being the class clown. Even though they recognised that their behaviour was messing up their own, and others education, they liked the attention it gave them and felt they were helping their mates to ‘not be so bored in lessons’.  Every time their friends laughed this encouraged the individual to continue with their behaviour.

This situation can be difficult to change; not only do you have to change your own behaviour but also deal with the knock on effect this will potentially have on how your peers respond to you – using BWRT®, this particular client was able to completely turn things around to the extent that they started to really enjoy learning in the classroom.  On our last appointment they were completely animated when describing what they had learnt that week.  One of the best things for this particular client and others I’ve worked with is that they have massively increased their changes of not having to redo Maths and English at college!

What can be done?

BWRT has helped many young people overcome a range of difficulties.  It has helped some to gain the confidence to go back into mainstream education after a long period as a ‘school refuser’, others the ability to focus in lessons or gain the confidence required for learning, others to overcome exam nerves, and some to manage friendship issues or overcome the anxiety caused by bullying.  As with all of my articles, I always ask for consent to include details about particular cases.  A response I had from one parent was ‘Whatever you did it’s making such a difference and others should know!’

How to find out more

If your child is struggling with any of these issues, why not come and see me for a free 30 minute chat to find out more about this new neuroscience-based therapy.  Quoting the reference SA2017 will entitle you to a 20% discount for your child’s therapy – offer valid until April 31st 2017.  To find out more call (01793) 677817 or email su*@sf********.com.  Alternatively, you can follow this link and complete the contact form.

*consent has been obtained from all cases included in this article.


Please accept my apologies, but I am currently unable to accept new clients.

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