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Clinical Hypnotherapy

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I work as both a Hypnotherapist and conduct investigative hypnotherapy.  Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing magical or mystical about hypnotherapy.  In fact, nearly all of us experience some form of hypnosis on a daily basis.  For example, when we are engrossed in a book or TV programme to the point of ‘zoning out’ from whatever is going on around us (except for emergencies!) we are in a form of hypnotic state. The easiest way of understanding what hypnotherapy is, is to break the term down and think about what hypnosis is and what therapy is.


The hypnosis element of hypnotherapy is concerned with helping the client to experience a state of relaxation, both physically and mentally. This is achieved through the therapist using techniques which help the client to focus on just one thing at a time. When you come to see me you will realise that I do not use techniques such as swinging watches or asking client’s to look into my eyes but instead will simply ask you to close your eyes when you feel ready and then talk to you in order to help you focus until you are feeling incredibly relaxed. Whilst in a hypnotised (and typically conscious and aware) state, therapy is used to neutralise existing falsely held beliefs and replace them with true, positive beliefs that will alleviate symptoms or behaviours that you wish to change. So, just to clarify, Hypnosis on its own will not create change, but in conjunction with therapy, extremely beneficial changes often do occur, and often much faster than with standard talking therapies.

The Therapy Aspect

At SFS Therapy I use an integrative approach which is designed to meet each individual client’s needs.  Techniques used include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, psychotherapeutic approaches, Solution Focused Therapy and counselling techniques.  The approaches I use are based on research demonstrating their effectiveness.   My practice fees can be found on the Information Page.

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Working with Young People

I work with secondary school age children through to Young Adults and use a range of different approaches. The most important thing is to ensure that whoever I am working with feels relaxed and comfortable. To find out more or to book an initial consultation call now on 01793 677817 or complete the contact form.

Smoking Cessation

I currently have two very different methods for working with smoking cessation – suitability for either will depend on your own individual situation.

The Hypnotherapy smoking cessation course takes place over 2 x 1 hour sessions and uses the Easy Quit Smoking Program, the ONLY smoking cessation program to be approved by the Hypnotherapy Society (UK).  The program costs £150.00 in total.  Payment is required at the end of your first hour but only when you have decided to commit to the second session.  In other words, should you reach the end of the first hour and decide this is not the right approach for you then no charge will be made.

I also offer BrainWorking Recursive Therapy for smoking cessation. This only requires one session (a session will last up to 2 hours) and is also charged at £150.

During a free initial consultation I will discuss both therapy and determine which I consider to be most suitable to your own individual needs.

Psychosexual Specialist

It is almost inevitable that most people (although not all) will experience difficulty with their sexual functioning at some point in their lives.  Work/life stress are particularly bad culprits for impinging on normal sexual functioning, although stress is not always the reason.  Whatever issue you may be experiencing, or if you simply want advice on sexual issues, you can find a qualified psychosexual dysfunction practitioner in your area at www.sexualstress.com. As a registered practitioner, I am able to help with a number of problems.   A 1 hour session is charged at £60.00.

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Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be Hypnotised
Everyone is receptive to hypnosis, but at differing speeds and levels. Certainly, some people take much longer than others to become hypnotised, but we can all enter into a hypnotic state given time.
Is Hypnosis Dangerous?
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which we experience daily but are not normally aware that we are in the state.  Just before waking and falling asleep we pass through the hypnotic state.  Contrary to what some stage hypnotists would have us believe, it is not possible for a therapist to make a client do anything against their wishes.
How will I feel during a hypnotherapy session?
Depending on each individual, the therapy aspect of hypnotherapy can at times be tough as it’s rarely easy to work through difficult issues.   The experience of hypnosis is different for everyone.  Some clients experience a very deep level of relaxation in which they totally ‘drift off’ whereas others suggest they feel very little other than a sense of peace and well-being.  Some clients report a tingling warm feeling throughout their body, some experience this just in their hands, whilst others still report no such experiences.
How many sesssion do I need?
This will depend on what therapy is required. Some issues can be resolved with just one session whereas others may take between 6-10 sessions. During the initial consultation you will be provided with a guideline of how many sessions will be required for a particular issue.

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