This one session Stop-Smoking therapy does not use hypnosis, medication or any form of nicotine replacement and is available in Swindon now!

As an ex-smoker myself, I was amazed with how easily I stopped with hypnotherapy and now regularly help clients to stop smoking using this method.  However, I am also aware that Hypnotherapy is not for everyone.  As such, I was pretty excited to be asked to trial a new stop smoking treatment which doesn’t involve hypnosis, patches, or medication.  Another benefit – it takes just one session.  So what is this new stop smoking treatment and is it effective?

BWRT for Smoking Cessation

The treatment uses BrainWorking Recursive Therapy which is based on the idea that the brain is essentially a pattern-matching system which, when exposed to a particular trigger will respond in a way it has always responded.  When any type of pleasure has been associated with that trigger, the chances of a pattern of behaviour being established is even stronger.  The reason many people find it difficult to break such patterns is because responses have been triggered even before the individual becomes consciously aware that they are triggered.

How might this work for smoking?

For anyone who has ever smoked (and considered themselves a smoker) you will be aware that there are lots of situations or things that can trigger the ‘desire’ for a cigarette.  For example, there may be an association between a cup of tea and having a cigarette.  The individual puts the kettle on and this triggers a chain of events in the brain and, without even thinking about it, the individual reaches for their cigarettes.  Or perhaps you have to make a difficult phone call and so instinctively reach for that crutch to ‘alleviate’ the stress associated with the phone call (stress and smoking are often considered as being associated although the idea that smoking reduces stress is actually slightly misleading!).

How can BWRT help?

BWRT (the acronym for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) targets the very early neuronal processes in an event – in other words, it works at that point where you instinctively reach for a cigarette and in doing so breaks the pattern matching system, replacing it with a much healthier way of being.

Having used BWRT to work with a wide range of issues (see list below) and found it an incredibly effective and rapid therapy, I was really excited when Terence Watts developed the smoking cessation treatment.  I quickly went to work looking for participants and was inundated.  A week later I started the trials (as did a number of other therapists).

The Trials

The treatment itself took between 50 mins to 1 hour 15 mins per participant.  Every one of the participants responded in the same way at the end of the therapy – with emotion!  They all said they felt a sense of freedom.  Follow up comments have included:

1 week following treatment:

I can honestly say I haven’t even thought about having a cigarette.  Not even a single craving.  I forget that I used to smoke!

Hi Sue.  It has worked amazingly.  I haven’t had a single craving.  I haven’t even thought about cigarettes at all since the session.  I feel a lot better in my self and I have already noticed a difference in my breathing.  Thank you.

5 weeks following treatment:

I have still not had a craving for a cigarette.  I have also spent time around people smoking at work and it did not affect me.  I can feel myself becoming healthier already.  I feel odd when people congratulate me for quitting smoking because I have not had to try to do it.  I am just a non-smoker.


Still going really well!  Even went out for a few drinks with friends and I thought that would be difficult as that’s  usually when I crave a cigarette the most, but it was absolutely fine!  Really pleased and can’t thank you enough!!!

What happens now?

The BWRT Smoking Cessation Programme is now being applied by a number of therapists around the country.  As with all therapies, there is never a 100% guarantee.  However, so far the results are very positive.  If you are wanting to stop-smoking then contact me now to see if this is the treatment for you! Tel: 01793 677817 or email or complete the contact form on this website.


* examples of issues treated using BWRT: Performance anxiety; generalised anxiety; panic attacks; social anxiety; agoraphobia; claustrophobia; gagging reflex; fears; phobias; addiction; eating disorders; irrational jealousy; PTSD; and many more issues.

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