Have you ever experienced a traumatic event?

Symptoms of trauma are incredibly varied, and very common! These are outlined in an article I wrote for the Hypnotherapy Directory on understanding Trauma:  Do you have any of these symptoms? My hope is that the article provides an an insight into why many people do experience symptoms, often long after the event(s).

Having worked with client’s struggling to overcome certain issues, I recognise how traumatic experiences can result in a damaged sense of self.  Areas worked in include psychological and physical abuse, rape, sudden bereavements, conflict, emotional and physical neglect, bullying and being involved in accidents.  In my opinion, helping an individual to overcome their problems isn’t simply a case of dealing with the obvious symptoms, but it is also necessary to help the individual to develop a positive sense of who they are; this can become damaged/fragmented as a result of trauma.

Are you eligible for my therapy4trauma special offer?

I use various different approaches when working in this area. The approach used will depend on the individual circumstances.  Whichever approach is used, the purpose is to both alleviate the symptoms as well as help the client to develop a positive sense of who they are.  Helping people to work through their difficulties is incredibly important to all therapists and, as such, it seemed very relevant to link this years Special Offer to the article.

Anyone booking in for help with trauma will be entitled to a 20% discount on their therapy.

If you have experienced trauma and are struggling to come to terms with the after effects, or if you have any of the symptoms discussed in the article, such as anxiety, depression, sexual promiscuity etc and believe these could be related to an earlier trauma, this offer applies to you:

How to book

To take advantage please quote Therapy4trauma when you book either by telephone: (01793) 677817, or via email: su*@sf********.com.  Alternatively, you can complete the contact form by clicking on this link: Contact and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Please accept my apologies, but I am currently unable to accept new clients.

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